The Lions of Little Rock

Marlee is changing. She doesn’t want to change. She doesn’t talk to anyone except her older brother, her sister and her dad. Sometimes her mom.

But this year, everything is changing. Her brother is off at college, and now her sister wants to move into his room and leave Marlee by herself. A new girl comes to school, upsetting the delicate balance between Marlee and her ‘best’ friend, Sally. Liz also befriends Marlee, and soon the list to whom Marlee speaks is growing longer and longer.

Little Rock is changing too, and Marlee isn’t sure she likes it. The Little Rock Nine have integrated the high schools. So many people are angry about it that the school board has closed all the high schools in town. Marlee’s sister is trying to keep up with her school work at home. But soon, her parents decide to send Marlee’s sister to their grandmother’s house to continue high school.

Marlee misses her sister terribly. She’s frustrated by her mother’s attitude toward integration. How will she survive this crazy school year?

I highly recommend The Lions of Little Rock by Kristen Levine for ages 8 and up.

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