The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

Eben McAllister enjoys dreaming about visiting the world. He loves pouring over maps and books about the world outside his little down of Sassafras Springs, Missouri. But he’s never left his hometown.

One day, Eben’s father challenges him to find seven wonders in his home town. And, there’s a prize. A visit to visit his mother’s cousin in Colorado!

Eben is skeptical he’ll be able to find seven wonders, but he really wants to see the mountains in Colorado, so he takes the bet.

As he starts wandering the local roads and visiting his neighbors, he still can’t believe he’ll find anything as wondrous as the pyramids of Egypt or hanging gardens of Babylon.

While he doesn’t find pyramids or hanging gardens, he does find some wonders to fill his notebook and share with his dad and aunt. And helps him appreciate the people in the small town he calls home.

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs by Betty G. Barney – recommended as a read-aloud for ages 5 and up, as a reader for ages 8 and up, depending on reading level.

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