Pax: Journey Home

At the end of Pax, Peter and his pet fox, Pax, were separated. Pax, Journey Home picks up a year later. Pax is living in the wild with his mate, Bristle, and her brother, Runt.

Peter is living with Vola, lonely and unwilling to let anyone into his heart. He’s grieving his father’s death in the war, grieving his best friend Pax. He decides to leave Vola’s and join the Water Warriors to help clean up the water poisoned by the war.

Pax and Bristle are raising a new litter of kits – in an unfamiliar and dangerous world. They see humans, and Bristle sends Pax to find a new place to call home.

Unbeknownst to him, his daughter follows him. And as they travel down the river, they leave the newly purified water to dangerous, poisoned water. Pax realizes something is different about it, but isn’t sure what.

Pax, Journey Home by Sara Pennypacker follows Peter and Pax’s journeys in their post-war world. Peter is determined to be lonely – but can’t help seeing how companionship has helped those around him heal. Pax is determined to find a new home for his family, including his daughter.

Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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