September and Ivan have a lot of responsibilities – more than most children their age. Their dad travels a lot, fishing on different boats around the Alaskan coast.

That leaves September and Ivan at home, alone, to tend to their property. Their mother died on the bay in a huge storm that wrecked their boat. Their dad is working extra hard to buy a replacement so he can be home more and they can fish together as a family.

While he is gone, they have to obey two rules: stay off the bay and don’t hook up their video game to the radio batteries.

But Ivan can’t help himself. He disobeys, and shorts out the radio – their only link to the outside world.

This leads to several trips across the bay to get the radio fixed – another rule violation. The first trips go well – but the weather is unpredictable and they run into a williwaw – a frightful Alaskan storm.

Williwaw! by Tom Bodett is an interesting glimpse into life in Alaska. I found the characters somewhat predictable, as well as the plot, but not enough for me to put it down before I finished.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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