Pictures of Hollis Woods

Hollis has moved almost more times than she can count. Abandoned as a baby in Hollis Woods, whoever found her named her after the place she was found.

She is so used to moving and not belonging, she keeps running. She runs away over and over again – even from the Regans, the one family who wanted to make her a part of them.

Hollis’ social worker sends her to live with Josie, a beautiful, elderly artist. Hollis feels like she has finally found a place to stay. Josie needs her. But Hollis knows the social worker will make her move out if she finds out how forgetful Josie is becoming.

So Hollis runs again. This time with Josie. Together they work on their art. And Hollis realizes Josie needs to go home. And Hollis needs to return to her home.

Patricia Reilly Giff’s Pictures of Hollis Woods is a beautiful picture of longing, belonging and family.

Highly recommended for ages 10 and up.

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