Liar & Spy

Georges is used to being teased about his name. The ‘s’ is silent, for crying out loud. He does his best to ignore the teasing.

But now home is in an upheaval. He and his parents have moved into a small apartment after his dad lost his job. He’s still in the same school, so there is no escaping the bullies. His mom is constantly working double shifts, so he doesn’t see her.

Then Georges and his dad see a sign in the basement for a Spy Club Meeting. Somehow, Georges ends up at the meeting, and meets Candy and her big brother Safer. Georges thinks they’re a little strange, but also fun. Safer asks Georges to help him solve the mystery of Mr. X and his large suitcases.

That’s when things start getting really strange…

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead made me laugh out loud in places, ask myself quite a few questions, and warmed my heart with its surprise ending. And as a former homeschooling mother, I loved the portrayal of Candy & Safer’s homeschooling family. They certainly represent the ‘unschooling’ movement well, and help Georges rethink some of the ‘rules’ at his school.

Stead has made my ‘favorite author’ list. I love the way she handles teen angst, family difficulties, learning about friendship, and moving forward.

Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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