Judith goes by many different names. Aunt Cora calls her Jubliee. “You’re a celebration, my dear!” she says. Gideon, the ferry pilot, calls her Red, because of her red hair. The neighborhood boy, Travis, calls her No-Talk Girl, which she doesn’t really mind because she can tell he likes her.

But Judith really wants a friend. She has Dog, a very loyal friend. One to whom she can actually talk, but Dog is well, a dog, not a human. She had a human friend once – Sofie. But Sofie no longer talks with Judith, except to say mean things.

Then being in a new class forces Judith to interact with Mason – could he be a friend? And what about her mother? Will she ever see her mother again?

Patricia Reilly Giff has written a beautiful story of finding a friend, understanding home and understanding yourself. Laural Merlington narrates the audiobook and does a lovely job with this gentle story.

Highly recommended for elementary school through junior high or as a family read-aloud.

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