And They Found Dragons

Jack is a part of a small community of humans who survived a global apocalypse and are currently orbiting the earth as they wait for Earth’s restoration. Supplies are running low and the scientists on board think that Earth can support human life again.


Except dragons have moved in. And they’d poisoned the Earth’s atmosphere so that no adults can live there – unless the dragon queen is killed.

Which leaves the adults with little choice – send a contingent of children to Earth and trust they will be able to hunt down the dragon queen, making it safe for the adults to land the Ark and return to Earth.

And They Found Dragons is a trilogy by Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker. It follows Jack, his mother and a few of his friends as they train, leave the Ark and deal with unexpected obstacles on Earth.

I found myself immersed in the world the Dekker’s created – wondering about the dragons, why Jack’s immune to the dragon’s poison, and how on earth this frail boy was going to help the rest of the survivors in the Ark.

A couple of minor complaints – a few of the plot points wrapped up a bit too tidy. It was jarring enough that I thought, “What on earth is happening here?” I bet you’ll feel the same way at those points in the story.

Overall, I found myself mulling over the conversation Jack has with Zevonus at the end of book two about fear and love, and the climax of the trilogy in book three.

These books have stayed with me for several months – and despite the shortcoming mentioned earlier, I will be reading them over and over.

Highly recommended for ages 9 and up.

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