Goodbye Stranger

“Rebecca Stead is one of my new favorite authors. This is the third book of hers I’ve listened to this winter / spring. A beautiful story of friendship, learning to fight, learning to forgive, and learning to put a ‘pin in it.’ All in the midst of an honest, thoughtful, and appropriate treatment of sexting and all its consequences. Perfect for 5th-graders and up.”

This is what I wrote on my social channels several years ago. I couldn’t remember much of the story, so I recently re-read Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead.

Bridge is trying to navigate middle school – and keep her best friends, too. But middle school is trying, especially when one friend, flattered by the attention of an older, popular boy, makes a decision that nearly tears the friends apart.

Bridge is also trying to figure out if she can expand her friendship circle beyond Emily and Tab – to include a boy. Can she and Sherm be friends? Sherm wonders the same thing.

I agree with my original assessment – beautiful story of friendship, and learning to fight & forgive, all in the midst of an honest, thoughtful and appropriate treatment of sexting and its consequences.

Highly recommended for grade 5 and up.

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