The Traitor’s Game

Kestra Dallisor has been exiled to the Lava Fields for three years when suddenly, she’s heading back home to her father, Sir Henry.

As Kestra wonders how that happened, her carriage is attacked and she is kidnapped by rebels. They want her to find the Olden Blade, the only weapon that is able to kill the evil, and magical, Lord Endrick.

While Kestra holds no love for Lord Endrick, she knows he is dangerous. And she knows her father is his loyal servant. But she has no choice except to show up at Woodcourt Manor with Simon and Trina posing as her servants.

The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen is the first book in a trilogy, which includes The Deceiver’s Heart and The Warrior’s Curse. I’ve enjoyed all of Nielsen’s books I’ve read so far, especially The False Prince.

I’ve started listening to The Deceiver’s Heart, which unfortunately, becomes mired in relationship difficulties between the two main narrators – much moaning and groaning about being close to a love who doesn’t remember that love. Once the story gets started, though, the action takes off and we’re no longer mired in the heads of the main characters.

This trilogy includes magic, and while it’s clear that while magic is the only cure for one character, it’s also clear that the magic will ultimately corrupt this person. Since there are three books, I imagine that somehow either this character is able to control the magic, or remove the magic before it fully corrupts.

Highly recommended for ages 13 and up.

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