Rabbit Ears World Tales (Volume 4)

These Rabbit Ears productions are amazing, combining celebrity readers with great musicians. When I first listened to them, I was confused because the story was interrupted by music. However, the music adds so much to each story.

This particular volume has two stories, The White Cat (read by Emma Thompson) and The Fool and the Flying Ship (read by Robin Williams).

The White Cat is a French story. Thompson narrates beautifully. The Fool and the Flying Ship is set in tsarist Russia. Williams is amazing, of course, however sometimes he talks so fast it’s hard to hear what he is saying – especially in the car.

On every volume, each story is about 20-30 minutes, so it’s perfect for listening on shorter trips. Some volumes have three stories – especially those with American folk tales.

My two favorite stories are Davy Crockett, read by Nicolas Cage, and The Talking Eggs, read by Sissy Spacek. Crockett’s rant at the Alamo is spell binding and the Cajun music and setting of The Talking Eggs never grows old. I bought both on Audible I enjoy them so much!

Highly recommended for listeners of all ages.

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