The Forbidden Library

I finished listening to this book, The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler – I wanted to know what happened! – but I didn’t love it. Wexler is a good writer, his plots and characters are engaging. I’m just not sure I like the message / world view he communicates.

Alice had a privileged childhood until late one night she finds a fairy threatening her father in their kitchen. When her father dies, she isn’t sure the story is real. And with no family, she isn’t sure where she’ll end up.

She ends up with Giron, a long-lost ‘uncle’, on his strange estate. And learns things about herself and the library she never expected.

The message / world view I picked up on included: cannot trust anyone, winning involves killing and/dominating and then using their power or uniqueness as your own (no matter the consequences for those dominated), and everyone is always out for his/her own gain.

Granted, this is obviously book one of what’s intended to be a series. The worldview may not be fully developed in the first book.

My recommendation: read with caution. If you love fantasy and aren’t concerned about world view, you (or your 12yo+) will enjoy this book. If you love fantasy and ARE concerned about world view, read first to vet for your family.

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