A Place to Hang the Moon

William, Edmund and Anna are in a predicament. Their grandmother has died. They suppose they should feel sad, but she was cold and distant and quite frankly rather mean, even though she cared for them since their parents had died.

They’d like to stay with their housekeeper, but she’s not going to be staying in London. And they’re not old enough to stay on their own.

Their lawyer comes up with an interesting idea. Why not evacuate London with the rest of the children leaving during the war, as see if they can find a guardian?

At first the children are aghast – they don’t attend school in London. But they abhor thought of being split up and sent to their regular boarding schools worse, so they decide to try it.

Thus begins their adventures in a small English village as they live with one family after another – escaping the torments of foster brothers and other indignities previously unknown to them at the local lending library. Will they find a suitable place to call home?

I loved A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus. She writes with sensitivity – both of characters and of time and place. As Patricia Reilly Giff (one of my favorite authors) writes on the back, “An unforgettable story – beautifully told.”

Highly recommended for ages nine and up.

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