Applewhites Coast to Coast

I finally had some time to read this weekend – and what a great book to spend that time with! Applewhites Coast to Coast is the third book in the Applewhites series by Stephanie S. Tolan and R.J. Tolan. (Surviving the Applewhites is the first.)

Reasons to love this book: realistic look at homeschooling (the unschooling branch of the homeschooling movement), fun characters, interesting dilemmas and the story!

Education, art and a reality TV contest that involves the entire Applewhite family driving from North Carolina to California in two crazy buses. Plus a (albeit slight) promise of another book. Here’s hoping!

Highly recommended for ages five and up. Yes, a five-year-old would enjoy listening to this book. A middle school or high schooler would enjoy it, and probably think twice about the meaning of style, friendship and the importance of winning.

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