Maya is having a tough year. Fifth grade is hard enough, especially at the private school she attends in San Francisco. But recently, school has become increasingly difficult because Maya has a secret. She and her family are homeless. Maya doesn’t even want to tell her best friend, Abby. She’s not sure why. Abby knows... Continue Reading →


Hazel’s life has completely changed. Her father is gone. Her mother is working all the time. And now Hazel has to attend a different school. School is awful - except that her best friend Jack attends this school. He lives next door and they spend every day after school together. Suddenly, Jack stops talking to... Continue Reading →

Knightley & Son

I picked up Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin for vacation reading this summer (of 2014). Yes, I am very late posting this review!). I love mysteries, and I thought this one about a father-son duo would be good. While it is well-written, and the characters are interesting, I found the plot rather difficult. Not... Continue Reading →

Listening for Lucca

Note: This is a review I wrote in 2013 and for some reason didn't publish. Apparently, I also didn't write a review of Eight Keys - or at least I can't find one. Last year, my children and I listened to the audiobook of Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur - a beautifully written book about... Continue Reading →

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