Knightley & Son

I picked up Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin for vacation reading this summer (of 2014). Yes, I am very late posting this review!). I love mysteries, and I thought this one about a father-son duo would be good.

While it is well-written, and the characters are interesting, I found the plot rather difficult. Not difficult to follow, but surreal. Events and some characters bordered to closely to the occult for me.

The main character is Darkus (perhaps should have been my first clue). His father, a famous detective, has been in a coma for many years. So Darkus has been going through his father’s case files in order to feel close to him.

When his father suddenly comes out of his coma, Darkus (with his step-sister Tilly), manages to convince his dad to work with him. Sounds fine so far, and the other elements of the plot sound rather innocuous – a massive criminal conspiracy called the Combination which involves some ancient manuscript called The Code. While taken individually, these elements don’t seem to bad, the way Gavin weaves them together made me uncomfortable.

I am glad I read this before my children. I do not recommend this book at all.

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