Little Panda

Little Panda does not believe the story his grandfather is about to tell him.  "Tigers can't fly!  That's silly," he interrupts his grandfather. His grandfather shushes him, and gently scolds him for interrupting - and continues his story. And in the end, a tiger does fly! How? You will have to read the book to... Continue Reading →

Giant Meatball

Who could write a picture book about a giant meatball?  What on earth could it be about?  And can it be any good? Robert Weinstock wrote Giant Meatball, and at first I wondered if it was any good.  But the further along I read, the more I enjoyed the story. Young listeners will enjoy the... Continue Reading →

The Three Questions

Author and illustrator Jon J Muth retells one of Leo Tolstoy's classic tales in the picture book The Three Questions. In his retelling, the main character is a boy who asks three important questions of his friends, a crane, a monkey and a dog. His questions are: When is the best time to do things? ... Continue Reading →

Xander’s Panda Party

Linda Sue Park is one of my favorite authors (see reviews of other books here, here and here), so when I saw she had written a picture book, I snatched it up.  I was hoping it was as good as her chapter books, and I was not disappointed! Xander is a panda, and a panda... Continue Reading →

Albert’s Alphabet

Albert the duck is the carpenter at Pleasant Valley School.  One day he comes to work and finds a note from the principal, asking him to build an alphabet for the children. Albert has tools and a box of wood, but he soon finds it's not enough to get through the entire alphabet. He comes... Continue Reading →

Mary Engelbreit’s Nutcracker

If you're a fan of Mary Engelbreit's artwork, you'll really enjoy her book Mary Engelbreit's Nutcracker. Engelbreit summarizes the story line of the famous ballet into a book format, lavishly illustrated in Engelbreit's signature style. If you plan to take a child to see The Nutcracker ballet this holiday season, this is a great way... Continue Reading →

Olive the Other Reindeer

Do you remember when Ramona Quimby (from author Beverly Cleary) suggested to her father that he turn on the "dawnzer light"?  Her family laughed so hard because she misunderstood the words to the national anthem - "by the dawn's early light." Olive, the dog, has a similar problem. As she walks through town during the... Continue Reading →


I had never heard of anyone having a rabbit as a house pet until my co-worker Cindy introduced me to her rabbits.  They roamed her apartment, hiding under the couch and nibbling on cords she had forgotten to hide away under the area rug. Author & Illustrator Clare Turlay Newberry tells the story of her... Continue Reading →

Eggs 1 2 3

In Eggs 1 2 3, author Janet Halfmann combines a counting book with a nature book. As she takes readers through the number 1 through 10, she also introduces them to different egg-laying animals - from birds to butterflies, and bugs to fish. Betsy Thompson's paper art is a perfect compliment to the counting. Parents... Continue Reading →

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