The Castle Corona

The saying goes, “The grass is always greener…”

The main characters in The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech truly believe that saying. Pia and Enzio believe life has to be perfect for the princes and princess living in the Castle Corona. But the king, queen, princes and princess do not think their life is perfect at all.

Then a thief takes something from the castle. What? A Thief? What did he take? Who would want to steal? These questions, and others overtake the king and his family, setting actions in motion which unexpectedly change the lives of Pia and Enzio…

Who are obsessed with a set of their own questions. Who were the king’s men chasing? What did he throw in the woods? Is it stealing if they keep it and look in it?

This intricately written novel weaves all their lives together in unexpected ways. And, as with other fairy tales, the ending is a satisfyingly good one.

Recommended for ages 8 and up (depending upon reading level). Children ages 7 and up will enjoy listening to the audio book.

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