Ruby Holler

The ‘trouble twins’ have been nothing but trouble since the day they were born. That’s what their guardians, Mr. & Mrs. Trepid, have been telling Dallas and Florida since they arrived on the doorstep of the Boxton Creek Home.

But then, Tiller and Sairy cross paths with them, and decide to take them home to Ruby Holler. Dallas and Florida are not too sure – they’ve been sent to other homes before with horrific results. But Mr. & Mrs. Trepid are anxious to get rid of them, and off they go.

Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech tells the story of the Trepids, Dallas and Florida, Tiller and Sairy and a mysterious man – and how their lives all intertwine. Creech is a marvelous story teller, making me laugh and cry practically in the same chapter.

I read this book after my 12-year-old listened to the audio book for the fourth time and told me, “Mom, honestly you will love this book!”

She was right. I do love it. Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

(If your child is extra sensitive, please be aware that Dallas and Florida recall some very mean adults who put them in scary situations – dark cellar with spiders, for example.)

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