The False Prince

Sage is an orphan, always getting into trouble – but the worst sort of trouble is upon him.

Bought from the orphanage by a nobleman, Sage finds himself in the company of Conner (the nobleman), his servants (Mott and Cregan), and three other orphans.  Conner’s plan is to position one of them as the missing prince of Carthya, and then elevate himself as the prince’s main advisor.

But can he train these ragged orphans to be princely enough to convince the other regents?  Sage doesn’t think so – and spends his time fighting Conner instead of studying.

As the time of choosing comes closer, which orphan will be chosen to be the false prince?  And what consequences will that choice have on the kingdom?

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen is a fast-moving, action-packed adventure – and a very clever one as well.  Bonus – it’s the first book of a trilogy, so sure to keep kids busily reading.

Highly recommended for ages 10 and up.

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