The Magic Mirror

Maggie doesn’t know who her parents are. She only knows widow Minka, who took her in and continually threatens to send her away to beg on the streets. That seems a fate too difficult to bear, so Maggie continually tries to please widow Minka.

Until one day, widow Minka announces to Maggie that she’s arranged for Maggie to marry the hunchback. Maggie is aghast. She cannot marry the hunchback! She determines to leave widow Minka’s house and find her way to the royal city.

Along the way, she finds a magic mirror and meets friends. And in the end, her journey ends up healing her kingdom, and herself.

The Magic Mirror: Concerning a Lonely Princess, a Foundling Girl, a Scheming King, and a Pickpocket Squirrel by Susan Hill Long is worth the read. It’s interesting how all the elements come together, and how everything comes right in the end.

I loved this book! Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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