White Fur Flying

Every time I read a book by Patricia MacLachlan, I am in awe of her gift of telling simple, yet heartfelt stories. White Fur Flying is no exception. Zoe's family rescues dogs.  Not just any dogs, her mother rescues Great Pyrenees, "140 pounds of white fur."  (To be honest, I'm not a dog lover, and... Continue Reading →

Rickshaw Girl

Mitali Perkins takes readers to Bangladesh in her novella Rickshaw Girl. Naima is an artist. She loves to create the traditional designs the girls in her country create for special celebrations. But one day her artistry is thwarted when she sees how hard her father works, and feels sad she can do nothing to help... Continue Reading →

Kaspar The Titanic Cat

Johnny Tott knows that Kaspar is a special cat.  He traveled to London's Savoy Hotel with his owner, a Russian opera singer. Johnny gets to know and admire Kaspar as he gets to know and admire his owner, the opera singer.  But when tragedy befalls the singer, Johnny decides to care for Kaspar. Then Kaspar... Continue Reading →

No Fighting, No Biting!

Early chapter book shelves are full of books about the most popular movies, TV shows and cartoon characters, so when I find a good reader which both my children and I can enjoy I rejoice! No Fighting, No Biting! by Else Holmelund Minarik is a classic. I loved the illustrations by Maurice Sendak (Where the... Continue Reading →

My Little House books

  When I first came across the My First Little House Books series, I was disgusted.  Is there no end to repackaging, marketing and otherwise destroying my favorite books? But curiosity overcame my disgust and I picked up a variety of them and brought them home to read and evaluate. I was pleasantly surprised at... Continue Reading →

Dodsworth in New York

Dodsworth wants an adventure. He's determined to see the world - or at least New York, Paris and London. But before he leaves on his adventure, he stops for breakfast at Hodges' Cafe, where Hodges' duck harasses him. After breakfast, Dodsworth leaves on his adventure. Once he's on the train to New York, he opens... Continue Reading →

Tippy Lemmey

After reading Tippy Lemmey, my eight-year-old decided he wanted a chow. Tippy Lemmey is the only dog Leandra knows with two names, and Tippy Lemmey is a chow.  Not just any chow, but a scary chow.  This dog chases Leandra and her friends whenever they pass by his house.  And his house is between them... Continue Reading →

Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major

Ethel, Kermit and Archie are under strict orders to be good.  Their dad, President Teddy Roosevelt, is hosting the Russian ambassador that evening, trying to negotiate the end to the Russian-Japanese War.  (Whatever THAT is, thinks Archie.) They decide to settle down to an interesting book, Treasure Island, when they find a mysterious paper inside... Continue Reading →

The Great Cake Mystery

For those who enjoy Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, he has now written a story for younger readers. The Great Cake Mystery tells readers of Precious Ramotswe's first case as a detective - when she was in elementary school. Her classmates are missing sweets - cake, bread with strawberry jam. Iced... Continue Reading →

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