A Scottie and his ball get separated, so he traverses his apartment building trying to find it.  While searching, he makes friends with the other animals in his building, and when they eventually find his ball, they all play together. Scout by Gordon McMillian is a sweet story, full of simple illustrations which will catch... Continue Reading →

The Z was Zapped

Chris Van Allsburg, a talented artist and author, brings his unique eye to the younger crowd in his alphabet book The Z was Zapped. Each letter takes the stage, and something happens to it. The E slowly evaporates. The M begins to melt. The O is overgrown. And you can guess what happens to the... Continue Reading →


Author Arthur Geisert succeeded in writing an engaging picture book using just one word, and that one word is really a sound: oink. Oink is about a mama pig, her litter of piglets and their life on the farm.  Geisert's near-black-&-white illustrations are beautifully delicate and detailed in telling the pigs' story. I can imagine... Continue Reading →

The Black Rabbit

Poor Rabbit!  He has just discovered a strange black rabbit is following him everywhere. He tries everything to get rid of that Black Rabbit, but nothing works until Rabbit runs into the forest. Ahh!  Finally, Rabbit is alone. But then, Rabbit notices two eyes shining in the darkness.  Is it the Black Rabbit? Author &... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever Seen…

It's difficult to find an alphabet book that stands out from the shelves crowded with such books. Each time I find one, I'm thrilled. I remember the tedium of reading the same book over and over to a toddler, so to find a book we both enjoyed reading over and over was quite the treasure.... Continue Reading →


Apple by Nikki McClure will delight very young readers. Each page includes one word detailing the journey an apple takes.  Each word is illustrated with McClure's beautiful paper cuts in black and red. Recommended for infants through age 5.

1-2-3 peas

Author Keith Baker follows his lovely LMNO peas alphabet book with the equally enthralling 1-2-3 peas. Like most counting books, 1-2-3 peas embarks on counting up to ten. Each page features large, textured numbers which contrast nicely with the tiny peas as they do what the narrator tells them to do, like "look" and "row".... Continue Reading →

the hidden alphabet

Parents and children alike will enjoy the hidden alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Seeger created a beautiful lift-the-flap book with capital letters. Each flap has a window with a picture illustrating the letter. Then, the reader lifts the flap to reveal: the hidden letter of the alphabet. Seeger elegant paintings for each letter really capture... Continue Reading →

Except If

Boys and girls alike will enjoy except if by Jim Averbeck. It starts with an egg, which is not a baby bird. The egg will become a baby bird Except if... it becomes a baby snake. The rest of the book follows the same format: the snake will slither on its belly, except if... it... Continue Reading →

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