Echo Mountain

I stayed up entirely too late to finish Echo Mountain another excellent story by Lauren Wolk, author of Wolf Hollow.

Ellie has decided to make Echo Mountain home since her family lost everything in town during the Depression and had to learn how to make it in the wilderness.

Her mother and older sister remember more of town, and still harbor resentment over their change of fortune. Her younger brother is too little to be of much useful help.

So her father took to teaching Ellie the ways of the mountain – hunting, fishing, gardening, etc., until a horrible accident left her father in a coma.

Now Ellie is burdened with a secret. And is trying to fill her father’s role around the homestead.

Everything starts to change when the pup Quiet is born not breathing – and Ellie takes matters into her own hands.

That starts a series of events that changes everything on the mountain – norms & neighbors.

Will Ellie and her family find happiness again?

Highly, highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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