Chronicles of Narnia

I just realized that I've been writing book reviews for nearly three years and have not written anything about one of my favorite series of all time - The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. Perhaps it goes without saying, except it's worth saying again, how delightful these books are.  Originally, The Lion, the Witch... Continue Reading →

The Castle in the Attic

My family first discovered The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop as an audio book. We listened to it in the van, as we drove to church, on errands or trips. We all loved it. William does not want Mrs. Phillips to leave. His British housekeeper is going home to England after living with... Continue Reading →


My 12-year-old daughter read Powerless by Matthew Cody and insisted that I read it too. I'm glad she did. Powerless is a story about superheroes - but not the well-known comic book kind. These superheroes are kids who have super powers. All except Daniel. He is just an ordinary kid who loves detective stories, and... Continue Reading →

The City of Ember

Lina Mayfleet is anxiously awaiting her assignment. She wants to be a Messenger, because she loves to run. Doon Harrow is equally anxious. He wants to do something to help his dying city - be an electrician so he can work on the generator which keeps the lights on, and the darkness away. Their work... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Marigold

My 12-year-old told me over and over again, "Mom, you need to read Once Upon a Marigold!" When she checked it out, for the third time, I decided to see what she was so excited about. And I'm glad I did. Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris is a delightful read - a funny,... Continue Reading →

The King’s Equal

The people were mourning their king, who was dying.  They were also fearful of the future, because the king's son & heir, Prince Raphael, was not a pleasant person. As the king lay dying, he blessed his son, saying, "You cannot wear my crown until the day you marry a woman who is your equal... Continue Reading →

Heckedy Peg

Many mothers would be overwhelmed with seven children, but not the mother in Heckedy Peg  by Audrey Wood.  On one market day, she rewards her seven children, named after the days of the week, for their hard work.  She says she’ll bring home whatever they want from the market. The children make their requests, and... Continue Reading →

Dark Life

In Dark Life, author Kat Falls introduces her readers to Ty, the first child to be born in Benthic Territory. He helps his parents & his sister on their subsea farm, and explores the rest of the continental shelf - and even parts of the open ocean, even though it's dangerous. Ty is more comfortable... Continue Reading →

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